My name is Shirly Maimon I am a graphic designer, illustrator and painter, with a studio for graphic design and branding Right & Left and art gallery – ART & VISION


My inspiration

I draw my inspiration from life itself, from situations I experience and from people I meet. My work is characterized by a joyous and colorful joy of life that accompanies me in my personal life as well. Painting accompanies me from childhood and serves as a tool for self-healing and expression of emotions. Every work is different and original, and all of them have one common denominator. I feel tremendous satisfaction in being able to practice art and present my works that reflect me in the most real way possible. The colors, the lightness and the young spirit that are evident in my paintings are those that accompany me as a way of life and a personal agenda. I believe that work reflects the creator and therefore my paintings are self-portraits and change according to the spirit of the period and stages of my life. Art is an inseparable part of my life, it moves me and surprises me every time anew hopes you will be as excited as I am …

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